Palm's New Touch Screen Phone: iPhone-Alike

As our expectations of the new phone from Palm set to be announced this Thursday at CES skyrockets, John Biggs over at CrunchGear says he’s got a source that says the phone is a full QWERTY slider with a large touch screen. Shown here is a PhotoShop job.

The phone is described as “iPhone like”. Palm itself has been ratcheting up our expectations for the launch and we are told it will blow our minds and revolutionize the phone biz. If there was ever a time for Palm to shine, this is surely it.

Their Linux-based Nova software has been expected since fall of 2007 and the delays have not helped the brand stay afloat. Despite success with its low-dollar Centro, Palm needs a pro level phone hit to keep going. The aptly named Treo Pro was a good looking and thinnish phone, certainly the best design they’ve had in years, but its high unsubsidized price has kept consumers from flocking, that and the the fact it offered little new other than design.

While this mock up is not from Palm, I believe the artist showed one thing that could help Palm: Verizon. If this OS is above expectations and the device offers a legitimate challenge to the iPhone, Palms ubiquity of carriers could allow it to become the phone for AT&T hating users. The iPhone is still tied to AT&T for some time to come.

Early speculation also says this Nova powered phone will be a bargain. Call it poor timing, but Palm is introducing this phone at what we hope will be the bottom of the economic downswing. That should mean the price will be low to attract quick sales.

I want to believe this Nova will be amazing and the design will be more than palatable. These are two combos we’ve not seen from Palm in quite some time.

Anyone think they can pull it off???


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  1. I would prefer if Palm ties up with Verizon. AT&T really sucks big time.

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