New Smartphone, the ICEphone to be released soon

Guess what else is going to be on the smartphone market soon... the ICEPhone. It was designed to be a wrist mounted medical handbook for the British military. But now it is going to be released as a 3-piece folding smartphone for the consumers.

It is designed to do everything you'd expect a smartphone to do and more. It comes with a multi-lingual first aid software which could give you simpler ways to administer aid (such as giving CPR). What's more, it captures a log of all activities that would help medical experts study further. In case you are really having a medical emergency, the phone offers direct access to a medical hotline. The phone allows you to store personal medical records just in case something happens to you. It is all accessed by a single touch of a button called the ICE button... ICE.. get it... In case of emergency.

Wondering what kind of features would it tout to be qualified as a smartphone... it would be 3G ready, GPS equipped and it runs Windows Mobile. The phone has a unique design... a 3 part folding design consisting of a touchscreen, a physical QWERTY keypad and a traditional phone pad.

The ICEphone is expected to be in production in April and maybe we would see it in the US soon enough.


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  1. What about a medical feature to allow the phone's camera to easily attach to a portable microsope? Invaluable to doctors working in disadvantaged locations of this planet.

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