Wanna change your iPhone Wallpaper frequently? Now you can!

Ever got bored looking at the same old wallpaper on your iPhone, so much so that your iPhone does not seem appealing any more?

Ever tried to add an image from the web or an email on your iPhone just so that you can use it as a Wallpaper but found out that the image quality was compromised so much so that it was no longer sharp enough to be on your iPhone as a Wallpaper?

Now there is an easier way for you to get high quality Wallpapers on your iPhone. Just download the most popular Wallpaper app "Backgrounds" for the iPhone and browse through thousands of high quality Images. At the flick of a finger, you can download the Image to your iPhone and add it as a Wallpaper.

What's more? You can search over 50,000 backgrounds from Flickr, or choose from over 30 categories such as: Movies, Cars, Funny, Animals, Christmas, Models, Guys, Space, Cute, Sports, Games, Beaches, Water, Messages, Night, Hearts, Swirls, Explosions, Buildings, Cities, Fantasy, Sunsets, Technology, Flowers and many more.

If you are not sure which one would look good on you iPhone, no problem. You don't have to feel left out. You can browse through the "Popular" category which displays the most downloaded images, or if you want your iPhone to look unique, just find a Wallpaper from the "Recent" category.

The best part is that it's free. The Application and the Images. You don't have to pay anything, nor do you have to worry about Image copyrights. Leave that for Backgrounds to worry about.

Website: http://www.stylem.com/iphone

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  1. These are by far the best quality Dark Knight iPhone wallpapers I've seen yet. Good stuff indeed. :)

  2. I feel like such a dork, I commented in the wrong tab. :(

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