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Other's have mentioned Viigo many times on their blog and in various mobile tips and tricks articles, for good reason: The application is by far my favorite mobile RSS reader.

I won't get into too much detail about that software--there's plenty of information on Viigo available in those other stories--but Viigo is much more than just a simple RSS reader. For example Viigo provides a variety of weather information; sports schedules, live scores and standings; stocks and finance data; flights and travel updates; and much more.

Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm

And the Storm-specific version of Viigo--though still in alpha testing stages and a bit buggy--takes advantage of a number of the device's unique features to improve an already impressive user experience. Storm users can scroll through stories in an RSS feed by simply swiping a finger across the screen to the left for newer stories and to the right for older ones. And the app works with the Storm accelerometer, so you can switch back and forth between portrait and landscape modes.

The most notable bug that I spotted was fact that you consistently need to tap the BlackBerry Escape key twice to return to previous screens--after hitting it only once, the screen often freezes midway through the transition between pages.

Viigo 3.0 (beta) now boasts a brand new, intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, delivering a wide range of customizable content and services from some of the world’s leading content providers and publishers. You’ll enjoy breaking news, rich weather, real-time sports scores, stocks and finance, audio and podcasts, entertainment, and blogs in one simple, freely downloadable application. Just click and go…with Viigo!

Enhanced and compelling mobile experience—consume information your way in a format that’s tailored for your device
Unrivaled collection of exciting content all in one place—no need to clutter your device with multiple applications that offer different user experiences
Fully-customizable interface—choose what, how, and when information is delivered, whether you’ve got connectivity or not

Key Features

Sports: Get up-to-the-minute sports scores, standings and schedules for your favorite teams.
Weather: Take the weather with you - 5-day forecasts wherever you are.
Entertainment: Follow the latest fashions, Hollywood stars and gossip, play games, download themes and ringtones.
Audio & Podcasts: Download, listen, and watch audio and podcasts while on the go.
Local Interest: Local attractions, nightlife, restaurants, and hotel ratings at your fingertips.
Flights & Travel: Stay informed with flights, itineraries, schedules, and delay notifications.
Stocks & Finance: Keep an eye on markets and your favourite stocks or portfolio.
News & RSS: 5,000 channels to choose from, all just a thumb click away.
Social Networking Updates: Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues through Facebook & Plaxo.
Share the News: Forward interesting articles to contacts in your address book.
Import Custom Feeds: Customize your channel list by importing your favorite channels.
Package Tracking: Track packages from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.
Keyword Alerts: Real-time alerts when keywords you’ve selected appear in your channels.
Web Readers: Synchronize with popular Web readers such as Google or Yahoo.
Delicious: Easily update any article to your del.ici.ous bookmarking account.

Surf on over to using your Storm's BlackBerry browser for a free download.

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