Top 10 Cool Smartphones of 2008

2008 was a killer year for the smartphone, a prospective iPhone-killer year, that is. Device makers around rolled out their latest and greatest, packing in not only myriad corporate functions, but also a host of consumer-aimed multimedia features. Steve Jobs released a new version of iPhone, the 3G iPhone along with it's App Store, and a host of potential iPhone killers and iPhone clones sought to unseat it from smartphone dominance. Research In Motion joined the battle of the touch-screen titans, and the first smartphone based on the open-source Google Android operating system saw its debut with the HTC-built T-Mobile G1.

Elsewhere, device makers took charge, packing portable devices with enough capabilities to make them pocket-size PCs (or Macs, in the iPhone's case).

Here we take a look at the device landscape from 2008 and, while a difficult task, we pick the 10 coolest smartphones to hit the market this year. This list is not based on just features and functions, but also the coolness factor associated with these devices.

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