- Free must have iPhone App is an awesome free iPhone app available on the Apple app store. The iPhone application allows you to scan 2D Codes and, as the first of it's kind, also 1D Barcodes for mobile shopping and product information.

You can scan and access mobile content via 2D Codes easily. All decoded information is displayed conveniently within the application. You can also open Safari to display the content in the browser to which you are used. The same convenient access is available when scanning 1D Barcode with the iPhone app.

Imagine the possibilities. You can compare prices, shop mobile and get additional information about products by simply scanning or entering 1D Barcodes. You could walk into one of your favorite retail store. You see a product on the shelf that you like.. all you need to do is take a picture of the code using your app on the iPhone... and viola you have the price of that product on famous online shopping retailers like If you don't see the barcode on the box, no problem. Get app for the iPhone and it will find the product for you by just taking it's picture. Read more about app for the Apple iPhone here.

Have a look at the video about how to use Snappr on the iPhone!

Barcode formats supported: UPC, EAN and QR Code - More formats are coming soon.

Please note: As the iPhone camera is lacking a macro modus you need an additional lens in order to be able to scan 1D Barcodes. You can always enter the barcode manually if you don't have or don't want a lens. For the scanning of 1D Barcodes recommend the lens which comes with the Clarifi-Case, produced and sold by Griffin Technology. The scanning of 2D Codes works with the standard camera and no additional hardware is needed for this.

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