Rechargeable Emergency Battery for iPhone

If you're one of those users who really take advantage of the many great features the iPhone 3G has to offer – fantastic Internet surfing and networking capabilites, multimedia and entertainment applications, music and more – surely, you are wishing for a way to prolong your iPhone 3G's battery life in those situations where you could really need the extra talk time.

Now, the Emergency Battery has arrived to save your day! You don't always have the option to recharge the regular iPhone 3G battery, especially when traveling – so how about a backup battery for emergency use, to make sure you don't miss any calls?

3 hours of additional talking time
They have custom-designed the Emergency Battery for use with the iPhone 3G, tested it thoroughly to ensure full compatibility and a maximum lifespan. Powered with 1000mAh and rechargeable by a regular iPhone cable, the Emergency Battery is going to provide you with 3 hours of additional talking time, or 40% of the iPhone 3G's original battery capacity – more than enough to get you through the day! Now you can finally make use of your iPhone 3G's feature palette without the fear of draining your battery too quickly. Thanks to the Emergency Battery, it's time to stop worrying and enjoy what your iPhone 3G has to offer!

This Accessory fully supports the iPhone 3G and works with most protective cases!
As one of the Emergency Battery's main areas of use is in travel situations, They have paid special attention to making it as lightweight and portable as possible, building in a custom-tailored clipset to fully support the iPhone 3G and the connector have been extended to recharge your iPhone without removing the case, which is major problem for the similar products in the market.

The Emergency Battery weighs in at just 40g, with dimensions of 61x52x12mm. With simple plug & play, you'll have your iPhone 3G ready to be used again within seconds.

This Emergency Battery is the ideal solution to your battery problems – no matter whether you're on the road, or depend on your iPhone 3G at work. It is a simple, yet amazingly useful accessory that is going to take your iPhone experience to new heights.

Don't forget to recharge the emergency battery before use. But what's more, this Battery extender can be charged along with your iPhone.


Dimension: 61x 52x12 (mm)
Weight: 40g
Extended connector for work with Silicone, Crystal or hard case , (within 1mm thin)
Capacity: 1000mAh
Recharge time: 2~4hours
Can be re-used up to 300 times

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  1. It feels great to know that iPhone is coming up with so many things. Updates like this will help it stay in the market for long.

    Hope to see some more amazing things for iPhone :)

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