Gadget turns iPod, iPhone into breathalyzer

You're out at a holiday party and down a couple of beers throughout the evening. While you feel fine, should you risk driving home in case you're pulled over? A new accessory for the iPod or iPhone was designed to help you make this decision before climbing behind the wheel.

David Steele Enterprises' aptly-named iBreath (US $79) accessory lets iPod or iPhone users test their own blood alcohol content. Yes, we thought this was a joke too, but apparently not.

Simply connect this accessory to the bottom of the iPod or iPhone (all current models supported except iPod Shuffle), fold out the "blow wand" and exhale for a minimum of five seconds. Two seconds later, your blood alcohol level will be displayed on the LCD screen to advise you whether or not you're ok to drive. If you blow over, a built-in timer can be set (from 1 minute to 8 hours) to remind users to take the test again.

The company is positioning it as a safety device. The iBreath measures your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) range within 0.000 - 0.100 percent. Still, the LA Times tech blog says the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving worries that kids might use it to play drinking games.

Hollywood's A-listers have been among the first to purchase the newly available gadget to insure that their mug shot is not the next one to grace the tabloids and news reports.

Not only can this cool gizmo save you from career-ending embarrassment, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and jail time. And if keeping you safe and out of the jail isn't enough, this clever & innovative breathalyzer doubles as an iPod FM transmitter that transmits your iPod tunes to any FM tuner.

The iBreath iPod Breathalyzer, which doesn't require any batteries, also doubles as an FM transmitter, to wirelessly beam your music to an unused spot on the FM dial (such as on a car stereo) in order to hear your tunes through speakers instead of wearing earbuds.

  • Compact, stylish design
  • No batteries needed
  • All Functions & results shown on iBreath LCD display
  • 0.000 - 0.100% BAC Range
  • Wireless FM Transmitter
  • Makes a Great Gift!
Included Accessories:
  • iBreath
  • 12V Car Plug (for those times when you may not have an iPod or iPhone with you)
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
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