BlackBerry Storm official firmware update - Bug Fixes List

Earlier, we reported on rumors that Verizon Wireless would release a firmware update for the RIM BlackBerry Storm, but it's now official (visit site).

The carrier has begun rolling out the software upgrade via the Desktop Software Manager and Web-based software first, while the over-the-air update will be pushed out at 9:30 p.m. PST on Friday so you have three choices as to how you want to get the new software. You can check Verizon's support Web site for specific instructions.

Following are the Bug Fixes reported By BlackBerry Team

Release Version: The Research In Motion® release 107 update

The latest OS update resolves the following issues:

  • Intermittently, the device may have powered and immediately powered back on while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications.
  • Intermittently, a user may have experienced muted incoming audio when using voice-activated dialing.
  • Intermittently, while listening to music (on low volume) with “wired” stereo headsets, if the user received an incoming call, the audio volume of the music increased to the highest level.
  • Intermittently, customers received a recording stating, “cannot complete call as dialed” when manually dialing *86.

    General improvements:
  • Improvements in performance for multi-media applications such as video, music and MMS.
  • Improvements in Bluetooth® audio performance.
  • Improvements in display performance in terms of correctly displaying keys when switching between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Network details & coverage maps at © 2009 Verizon

Check back soon for a complete report on the results of this Update. Meanwhile, feel free to use our Comments section below to discuss your experiences.


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