BlackBerry Storm firmware upgrade ( leaked

A new unofficial firmware, v4.7.0.83, has been found for the RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530. The update, which might simply be a stepping stone to a future official update, was leaked onto the internet, allowing brave users the opportunity to use their shiny new smartphones as guinea pigs.

Users are reporting that the unofficial update results in an overall speed improvement in the Storm 9530's menus, though no other improvements or added features have been found. Beware, this is an unofficial leak, and may have been tampered with by non-RIM employees.

General Installation Issue.

Issue: I open app loader, select update device. I choose .83 from the menu, it starts the install. I says it's loading device software, the phone restarts, and then DM says trying to reconnect to JVM. This fails, and the device displays a white screen that says "Reload software 507". What do I do?

Resolution 1: Please disconnect from the Internet before restarting the phone

Resolution 2: Close DM and open C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe

Back & Restore Steps:
  1. Plug in device ->Open DM ->Backup/Restore>Backup.
  2. After thats done, remove/if any old OS that may be on your computer through the Control Panel.
  3. Then download the OS.
  4. Double click on the icon and accept the agreements.
  5. After it's installed go to C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\ResearchInMotion\Applo ader and delete the Vendor Xml file.
  6. Next, plug in device ->open DM -> and it should prompt you to update.
  7. Now if the DM does not prompt you to update: Select Apploader>Add/Remove Programs, and step your way through to the end. 
  8. After that's done. Return to main menu ->Backup/Restore ->Restore and choose the "Backup file". and it will restore all of your information.
  9. Now if that still doesn't work, you can simply disconnect the internet to your computer>reboot the computer and then the DM should install. 

First hand experience/review from users of the new leaked release (
  • The scrolling in Media Player is fixed! It's "better" and "Cleaner"
  • Camera is faster. It's about .5 to 1 second lag instead of the 2-5 seconds before!!
  • The App Center icon has been changed
  • Noticed a free memory increase. Earlier I had 44MB, now I have 49MB.
  • The Phone definitively reboots faster
  • After taking a picture anyone that use to see that white screen pop up before you could preview the pic you just doesnt do it anymore
  • Portrait to landscape, very quick ½ second if that to flip.
  • Camera speed still laggy it may be a little faster but I don't think so
  • Exiting programs seems a lot snappier. Before my phone would kind of lag when exiting a program back to the homescreen.
  • Music/Media player, doesn't have the hiccups but I haven't used it too much just yet.
  • Keyboard - WOW that's all I can really say. The keyboard can actually keep up with my fingers now
  • Browser - Well I only have 1 bar right now, but the browser is a lot faster. I'm not sure what they did to it but mobile sites and google are almost instant. I also went to Yahoo Sports a page I view a lot on my storm and I would say it loaded up in 1/3 the time it usually takes. 
  • When the phone is locked i cant hold the mute key to toggle between vibrate and normal
  • Light does not follow your finger anymore as you scroll icons
  • Google Maps is MUCH quicker and street view is much faster
  • Bluetooth headphones don't work with video. They work fine with music
  • 7+gigs of music is able to be shifted through with no lag now.
  • I've noticed on the keyboard, if you select the num lock and minimize the keyboard, it stays on the numbers instead of reverting back to alpha.
  • The scroll bar in the media play seems to work after 2-3 clicks now. It used to happen randomly after 10-15 clicks
  • VZNavigator is updated from v4.2.17 to v4.2.19.80.
  • Everytime you plug in to your PC to charge/sync the media player will need to rescan... even if you make no changes to the microSD card (annoying)
  • During camera operation, the camera doesn't go black when taking picture anymore! You can actually see what your taking the whole time!
  • The speed dial tones are back and quick!
  • I had a lag on the home screen in the beginning. Wasn't happy with the upgrade seemed slower, but after two battery pulls. Major difference. I'm getting no lag now.
  • When the phone is locked, you can still use the two finger highlight feature for the text that comes up telling you that the phone is locked. Minor bug, but should be fixed....

  • "First time I shot a video, it recorded just fine, but after hightlighting the "stop' button, I had to press it about 5 times before the recording would stop!

    I tried playback and got the "unsupported video format" error twice. I exited the application, went back into it from Media and it worked fine then.

    With the video clip I'd then just recorded, I was able to go from portrait to landscape and back again while viewing the video. I landscape, the progress bar didn't show progress AT ALL even though the clip was playing and time was being shown. In portrait mode, the progress bar worked fine.

    After exiting app again, I can no longer play ANY VIDEO in portrait mode at all. The progress bar now works in landscape.

    I wouldn't watch videos in portrait, but was trying to use different apps to judge accelerometer speed.

    No big memory increase for me. I seem to stay somewhere between 33 and 48 or so and 48 is what I have now, right after soft reset and only unclosable apps. running."

If you still wish to check out this unofficial firmware, you can get more information at the following links below

Download link - BlackBerry Storm OS

For Installations Instructions click here

In case you mess things up and need to fix: BlackBerry 101: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS)

The good news is that -- if our math is right, anyway -- 83 is a considerably higher number than 76, so we're hoping that this cut incorporates all the changes in that didn't make it into 75, the upgrade officially released by Verizon not long ago. If you're bold enough (pun intended) to give it a go, let us know how it treats you, alright?

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