Addictionary for iPhone lets users invent words

The English language is uniquely prone to bizarre neologisms, and Addictionary (free, App Store is a service not only set to catalogue fresh new words, but also to provide the impetus to create them in the first place.

The iPhone and iPod touch app is made to interact directly with Addictionary's TOBAW (There Oughta be a Word) section of their site, a sort of game where Addictionary puts up a definition in need of a word. All it takes is for you to think of a clever word and submit it. For instance, "shopdrifter:" a person who takes an item off the shelf in a grocery store, then later decides they don't want it and places it on some random shelf elsewhere in the store.

Unfortunately, the app doesn't give you direct access to the other parts of the site, such as the part that allows you to add a challenge of your own, or the directory of words that have already been created. Then again, Addictionary's website is only a few taps away with Safari.

Those looking for something to exercise their wit could do worse than give this app a go.


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