RIM BlackBerry Storm reported as sluggish

CNET, the well establish tech site has posted a review on the soon to be released BlackBerry Storm. They have a lot of positive reviews on Storm. But some of the negative feedback may force you to delay your purchase of the BlackBerry Storm.

In a nutshell the Storm may have some great features like the SurePress Touchscreen, Assisted GPS, 3.2 MP (2x) Camera with Flash and Video Recording Support, full HTML browser, Enterprise email support, Data Streaming support, Application Downloads, GSM & CDMA Auto-switching support, Stereo Bluetooth support and a wide variety of other amazing features.

But it seems to have a few issues (reported by CNET) just like all first generation phones out there:-
  • The Storm is equipped with an accelerometer (so the screen orientation will switch from portrait to landscape mode when you rotate the phone from a vertical position to a horizontal one, left or right) which sometimes may take a few seconds to kick in, sometimes to the point where we might think the system is frozen.

  • The SurePress Technology Screen (when you select an application or enter text, you actually push the screen down as you would any other tactile button) on the BlackBerry Storm has a bit of a gap at the top and bottom of the screen, which allows for the suspension system but this makes the phone look a little cheap. The touchscreen display may not seem as impressive as the screen on BlackBerry Bold

  • The Camera on the Storm (with a 3.2-megapixel camera with video-recording capabilities, as well a flash, auto focus, 2x zoom, and image stabilization) takes pictures which may be subpar. While objects can by identified in the picture, they may look a bit soft and the colors may look completely washed out.

  • The keyboard buttons seem to be a bit too small and cramped. One can only imagine it would be worse for people with larger thumbs.

  • The software seems a bit buggy. When the camera is activated the screen would sometimes freeze a bit before switching over to the camera viewfinder mode. Also, there are some inconsistencies with the toolbar that appears along the bottom of the screen, which shows the zoom levels, flash, and more. If the camera is activated with the Storm in the vertical position, the toolbar gets slightly off center. This also happens a couple of times when the phone in a horizontal position, and while it didn't affect the camera at all, it's still noticeable.

  • Unfortunately, the speakerphone does not fare all that well. Both sides seem to experience choppy call quality as words occasionally gets cut off. There seemed to be a slight voice distortion. Overall, they were able to carry on full conversations and volume was not a problem, but they definitely had to ask their callers to repeat themselves on more than one occasion.

  • As far as general performance, they found the BlackBerry Storm to be a little sluggish. Also, there seemed to be lag when launching applications, particularly the camera and multimedia applications. When trying to view a slide show or take a picture, they were often met by a ticking clock (processing indicator).

  • Music playback through the phone's speakers seems to be sounded blown out, though there was plenty of volume. Video performance does not seem quite as dazzling as the BlackBerry Bold's.
Source: CNET

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