imeem to provide Personal Radio Service on BlackBerry Storm

In a recent messageboard on, imeem has revealed their interest in developing an application for the BlackBerry Smartphone. So, if everything goes well, it won't be long before we get Imeem on BlackBerry Smartphones.

Extract from the messageboard 

"Hossam - my company, imeem, recently launched a very successful application on Android.  We're hoping to replicate that success on the BlackBerry.  How can we streamline this process and get in touch?  We want imeem for BlackBerry to really rock.


We found having a single point of contact with Google/OHA helped us quickly get our application into the Android Market.  I'm hoping that imeem and RIM can simililarly develop a close working relationship.  Our site has about 25 million unique users engaged in music listening, music discovery and social networking.  Our mobile service currently delivers DMCA-compliant 'radio stations' and will make the BlackBerry a truly strong entertainment device to compete with the iPhone, G1 and other advanced devices.  (Plus we're all on BB's here at imeem and want to make this app sing!)"

Source: BlackBerry Support Community Forums

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  1. At the moment, I can not even login onto imeem from my Blackberry Bold

  2. Shit we have to make this happen for all BB uers ya Dig!!!!

  3. This Has to happen! IMEEM rocks and I love my BB Storm. I got the rice ready when is the wedding?

  4. wow, this will be amazing, I love Pandora when I just wanna hear some music, but being able to make a few specific playlists then load them up on the go or in the car will be awesome. say goodbye to storage space and bigger ipod hard drives, etc. This could be the way of the future ;)

  5. huury up wit it already!

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