BlackBerry Storm a safer bet than the iPhone

iPhone from Apple has developed a new standard for the smartphone industry. With it's amazing touchscreen, full featured html browser, google maps with GPS, enterprise email support, ipod, stocks, weather, calendar, application store, etc etc, it has wooed millions of people from across the globe.

But even with it's extensive feature list, there are a few key elements missing from the iPhone, some of which the BlackBerry Storm may do better than the iPhone thereby making it a safer bet than the iPhone.

For all those Californians out there, ever tried using you iPhone while driving? All is fine, when you get a call, but ever wanted to make a call to someone? Yep, it can get a bit messy. Or how about trying out the Google Maps with GPS on your iPhone when you are driving alone. The ease of use may be the best in the market, but when you are truly lost, your iPhone can just get you into a terrible accident.

It's nice to have a smartphone which does all those neat things like what the iPhone does. But it takes a nasty turn when you try to truly use some of the main features that enrolled it into the smartphone category.

(For all the iPhone lovers out there... you may not want to read on....) BlackBerry Storm has addressed some of the features that are missing or under-utilized in the iPhone making it a safer bet as listed below

  1. Voice Dial:- Many of you may argue that we do have the same functionality in iPhone. It's just a matter of downloading an App (like Who or VoiceBoxDial) from the App Store. But all these applications are not truly integrated like in the BlackBerry Storm. A dedicated button on the BlackBerry Storm makes this functionality better and eventually safer than the iPhone while driving.

  2. Turn by turn navigation: - This is one feature I am yet to see on the iPhone. I have not seen any application on the app store that can do this for the iPhone. But guess what? BlackBerry Storm does this right out of the box. It's true that Verizon would charge for this kind of functionality. But it's safer than what Google Maps can do for the iPhone right now.

  3. Bluetooth Support - Phone Book Access Profile(PBAP):- Phone Book Access Profile allows exchange of Phone Book Objects between devices using Bluetooth. This feature would allow a compatible Car Kit to extract contact information from the phone. You would be able to see the caller information on the Car kit before you decide to pick up the call. BlackBerry Storm supports this profile where as iPhone does not. So, if your iPhone is kept in your pocket or purse, good luck trying to navigate your car in traffic with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand in your pocket or purse. (Note: iPhone does support this as pointed out by blog readers.)

  4. Multitasking - Imagine if your neighborhood is a victim of fire or is in the path of a wild raging fire. Or if you are driving on a freeway and there is a police car chase just a few miles behind you getting closer and closer to you, wouldn't it be nice if your phone could alert you? Well, if iPhone did support Multitasking, then applications could be built that could alert you regarding an impending fire in your neighborhood or a police car chase a mile away from you. BlackBerry Storm does support Multitasking and this feature can be available to BlackBerry Storm but not the iPhone.

There are other unsupported features that make the iPhone less smarter than the average smartphone out there. While some are said to be in development either by Apple or AT&T, the others may not be supported by iPhone at this time.
  1. Cut and Paste: - How smart can a smartphone be without this feature?

  2. Tethered Modem: - This feature would allow you to use your phone as an Internet Modem. AT&T may have this feature out for iPhone but as of now, you will need to hack your iPhone to get this working.

  3. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) via Bluetooth: - This profile is designed to transfer a uni-directional 2-channel stereo audio music to a compatible headset. While BlackBerry Storm supports this, iPhone does not and there is no news of this being added to iPhone as of yet.

  4. Serial Port Profile(SPP) via Bluetooth:- This profile emulates a serial cable to provide a simply implemented wireless replacement for existing RS-232 based serial communications applications, including familiar control signals. This profile would allow a device to wireless send/receive files via Bluetooth. iPhone at present is unable to send/receive any data (applications, contacts, files) to another phone using Bluetooth. BlackBerry Storm supports this right out of the box.

  5. Download files via built-in browser:- While iPhone allows only images to be downloaded, BlackBerry Storm is said to allow downloading of files including Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

  6. Video Recording Support.

  7. Built-in Flash.

Of course BlackBerry has made a blunder by not providing Wi-Fi on the Storm. I know I would prefer Wi-Fi especially because at my home the 3G Signals suck. BlackBerry has to hope that Verizon has a better Network than AT&T if they want to sell their Phone without Wi-Fi.

In the end, it all boils down to what you would do most with your phone. But if you are paying the price to get a smartphone, you should get a phone that is smart enough to do all that you want to do and maybe more....

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  1. My iPhone has no issues exchanging phone book information with my Bluetooth-equipped Audi. From the steering-wheel controls, I can navigate the phone book and make calls. Incoming calls are displayed on the DIS and NAV screens, including the persons name.

    The Storm's lack of WiFi is a critical fault.

  2. My iPhone 3G sent its whole adress book in less than a minute to the phone book of a much older TomTom Go 910 via Bluetooth. And yes, it shows who's calling and there is no need at all to take the iPhone out of your pocket.

  3. Dear readers,

    Thanks for pointing out that iPhone can interact with Bluetooth enabled Car Kit and send/receive phone book data including but not limited to caller information.

    Your inputs are highly appreciated.

  4. I'm convinced the author of this piece hasn't actually used a Storm yet, judging from other reviews on the internet, such as Pogue's piece in the NY Times. There are no comments about the UI, usability, bugginess. Those who have actually tried it are appalled it was released in its current state.

    Another reason to think this: this review touts turn-by-turn directions as available out of the box, but other reviews point out that it is a $10 per month option.

  5. It looks cooler than the iphone, plus it's "corporate", not "slacker"!

  6. The turn by turn navigation on the storm is available thru a feature called VZNavigator that is $9.99 per month to have, but well worth it. I use mine every single day. its amazing.. it finds gas prices for you, movies, informs you of traffic congestion (by a red/yellow/green coded bar) and you can select alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.. you can find movie listings at local theaters, search by category i.e. category>eating and dining> italian. Whats pretty cool is that you can also change the voice that directs you by choosing a male or womans voice. There are a few woman voices and a few male voices- they have different accents.... this feature is great if you cave the bluetooth connected in your car, or even a bluetooth speaker in your car. This is actually one of my all time favorite features that verizon has to offer. Even at $9.99 a month, its less expensive than updating your car gps if yours is still running off of a cd. And with what you could save in gas alone by using the gas finder option will pay for the feature itself many times over.

  7. I have both the Edge iPhone and the new Blackberry Storm. My reason for the recent purchase of the Storm was the absolutely horrible AT&T service. I am a Mac user so the iPhone was the perfect addition to my tech lifestyle.

    Pros of the iPhone - EVERYTHING except the Edge. I can tell you that I actively use my iPhone everyday even having the Storm. I look at it as I've gained a better cell phone carrier and kept the awesome features of the iPhone; WiFi, Apps, Mail, etc.

    I can't tell you how hard it is to use the Storm. Who wants to push a hard screen button to text or IM? Not me. The 3G is very fast, but lacks the multiple pages open at once that the iPhone offers.

    I've used the iPhone while driving and it ranks about the same with the Storm. The Storm you have to make sure you press the hard button , iPhone you don't know what you are pressing. Either way, both phones require being at a stop to use.

  8. I've had my Storm for about 5 days. Been back to the Verizon store every day due to it locking up and having to do a battery pull. The guy will "update" it and hand it back to me. Basically the same thing I can (and do) myself. I have NO apps running or installed, quite honestly because I don't trust the damn thing anymore. I can't even change from landscape to portrait mode too fast without getting the "kaleidoscope" screen for a second and then it locking up. Phone call sound quality is horrible especially with the included 39 cent headset they give you. I was however able to adapt my mono Plantronics "over the head" headset to it, which greatly improved that.

    I've read that they will be releasing an OS update mid January (who knows with Verizon though). Until they do something about the bugs, this thing is like carrying around an egg waiting to break.... and a rotten one at that.

    Good thing I didn't sell my Mogul on Ebay yet..

  9. I've had absolutely no issues with my Blackberry Storm that I've had since the release. In the time I've had it, it has locked up a grand total of 1 time. This was before a software update. The interface is smooth, and I haven't experienced any of the bugginess I keep reading about. I wonder how many of these reviews are real and how many are Apple fanboys.

  10. yeah i agree with the user above me..Ive had the storm for a week now and yeah sure it takes some time to get used to it BUT THATS EXACTLY THE SAME AS EVERYOTHER PHONE INCLUDING THE IPHONE! I dont get why people have to only say negative comments about the Storm. How long has the iphone been out for? Yeah like 2 years and how long has the storm been out for ummmm like 2 MONTHS!! In 2 years the Storm will be 100X better than the outdated iphone just wait and youll see. COPY AND PASTE THAT IPHONE USERS

  11. I've used the Storm for a month now and have had no REAL problems (come on, even $5,000 computers lock up now and then), and I love the phone. I also have an iPod touch, and have used the iPhone. I personally like the click pad now that I'm used to it. As said before, the only thing I dislike is the lack of current applications.

    PS: If you're having nonstop problems like the poster above who has returned it repeatedly... it could be a hardware problem. Get a new device.

  12. Love the Storm and everything about it, if Wifi is such a big issue then get a BB bold. I have had my storm since release and it has not locked up once have not had to do a battery pull at all, could not be happier! Am very happy to kiss my iphone goodbye

  13. The iPhone still has the app store. Nothing can compete with that. It's like getting a new feature every day.

  14. I have owned the BB Storm for about 2 weeks now, in which time it has locked up twice, with the screen ending up looking like a smashed car windscreen. Apart from that & a slightly fiddly (if slow responding screen and keyboard), the phone is top notch. I too, wish the Storm had a wi-fi connection, due to the fact I live in the U.K., & Vodafone here seem to have slipped behind the other networks here for coverage, which is seriously disappointing. Oh yes, nearly forgot to say - with minimal use (barely any) reading e-mails and sending texts (about 5-10/day, the battery beeps up low power levels. Such a shame for what is a sweet piece of kit, I just hope they udgrade it soon!. 7/10 score for the Storm!.

  15. I have had the storm for two weeks and it’s been great. For those of you with battery problems after you drain the battery and fully charge it a few times it works fine, comparable to the battery life of the 8830. This is my 5th blackberry and I am very impressed by everything it can do. Let the iphone fans say what they want this phone does what the iphone cant and the media player is actually better and I don’t have to install iTunes haha. If you are looking for a great accessory to go with the phone the sync pod from is awesome and a must have.

  16. I just got the storm a few days ago as well. As long as you are patient it is very good. It is alot less smooth than the iphone but that is pretty much its only drawback. I feel like the internet goes faster and i make 10x less mistakes typing. More apps would be nice too, especially free ones. Have had no crashes and after i deleted the vw navigator it was a lot quicker.

  17. I am Mac user, and have had the Storm for about a month. My biggest reason for going with the Storm was doing business with Verizon over AT&T. I like the Storm but wish it had apps like the Iphone has. No Wifi and no support for itunes purchased music are my other two disappointments. Though my gripe over the DRM files has more to do with apple and the record companies than Blackberry.

  18. Had the Storm for a month now and typing is getting faster and faster. lack of apps sucks but screen resolution is great, higher res than the Iphone.

  19. Love my storm. I like the clicking keyboard because it is more accurate than the iphone. The lack of apps does SUCK though. I think that BB could have gotten that considering all of the time they worked on it. Supposedly there is an application store for the storm being release in MARCH! Let's see if that happens. Oh and I love the Slacker Radio! it is so cool and FREE!

  20. "ever tried using you iPhone while driving"

    It is illegal to use your phone while driving... so that's a dumb question. And yes, the BB Storm really does need some nice FREE apps.

  21. I've had my Storms since the release and I really dislike it.. hate to say that out loud. I miss the feel of real buttons. I love the look of the phone though. Mine has locked up quite a few times and I really do need to take it to the shop and have them check on it.

    Hopefully in time I learn to like...

  22. I've had the phone for one month. Added weather bug, weather channel, stock manager, world mate,epocrates,You tube( with some jave problems at times) mData, AP mobile plus many others such as Zagats. Who needs to wait for March. The battery power could however be better. The phone did freeze up once when i was trying to do multiple tasks at once. Other wise the phone has been great with the great Verizon reception.

  23. If you have never used a smartphone before than the BB Storm will be easier to get use to than if you are switching from using anohter smart phone. The BB Storm is the first of its kind so it will take some getting use to just like the iPhone or any other smart phone for that matter. I personally have had several smartphones and the Storm is the best by far in my opinion.

  24. I've had my Storm for a couple months now. It was locking up on me often, but the update seems to have fixed that.

    As for the battery, I have found that the one of my problems stems from the fact that I keep my Storm in my pocket. I think I may be bumping the screen often, which is causing a faster battery drain. I think I may also be hitting the command button by accident, which will use up a lot of power. It's time to go shopping for a case.

  25. I have to say, my g/f and I have had this this for all of 4 days. And are absolutely loving it!

    We are moving up from LG Chocolates. I have wanted the intertubes in my pocket ever since I played with a buddies iPod Touch. That thing was great at settling impromptu disputes. That was July 08.

    [Speculation alert]
    The storms lack of WiFi was probably at the request of VZW. [/Speculation alert]

    What does it matter anyway? You have to get a data plan on VZW to use the Storm. You have to BUY a data plan from AT&T to get an iPhone on their network too, BTW.
    So what if the storm doesn't have WiFi. Have you seen all the radio transceivers in this thing???!!

    CDMA 900
    CDMA 1800
    GSM (for when you travel the world)
    UMTS - For Data usage in Europe

    I think there is enough shoehorned in to this device.

    When I jacked this thing into my PC to load my LG contacts on it, it took 15 minutes to load all the patched. Still locks up once in a while (you know, when you are in a hurry). But if you let it sit there it does sort it's self out.

    I do think the media player leaves something to be desired. Like fast-forward, fast-rewind, and bookmark. I like using the OSD-keypoard, and type in part of the song title to cut straight to it.

    The app store for Storm, you talking about the Eleven(11) apps in the App World Application?
    I install the app stores from places like crackberry dot com.

  26. Hi,
    I have just bought two Storms, one for myself and one for my wife. Whats the latest software update that I can do, and from where, to optimise its performance?

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